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Portable Units

Our Portable units are suitable for Farrowing and Nursery pigs and offer an instant hygienic solution where additional Weaner accommodation or extra Farrowing space is required on the farm. The Portable units perform with proven increased growth and low mortality rates.

Transportable units are assembled for use once delivered to site and connected to services. They are available as farrowing/nursery unit to take weaned pigs up to 25kg.

We have established contacts throughout the industry with blue chip companies to supply us with the quality materials needed to supply spares and repairs to existing Portable buildings and to manufacture our own Portable units. A quality build that will stand the test of time delivered to site in a fully complete manner to "plug and play" – ready for water and electrical connection.




    The unit includes the following as standard:

  • 80mm external insulated walls – blending in with local environment
  • Curved steel roof with 70mm insulated ceiling
  • Steel/fibre glass slurry tank – corrosion free/long life
  • Roof fan ventilation
  • Complete automatic ventilation using Scan-air inlets with Failsafe windows ensuring temperature control
  • 35x500/750mm plastic penning
  • Galvanised crates –long life
  • Plastic flooring on bearers – corrosion free/long life
  • Dicam control
  • Delivered to site and ready to use in the Pyramid "Plug & Play" way.
  • Planning permission is usually not required
  • Tax efficient option as classed as "Plant & Equipment" for accounting purposes.
  • Healthy re-sale value.
  • Asset finance can be obtained for Portable units.