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Since our company, Pyramid Master Buildings Ltd, was formed back in 2010 we have designed, supplied and erected buildings and refurbished existing buildings within the pig farming industry.

Our customers realise the importance of housing their pigs in an environment which will provide healthier happier pigs, reduce the cost of live weight gain, faster growth and allow more time for stockmanship. Our buildings provide this environment.

We offer a complete service and our aim is to provide our customers with buildings to their specification to suit their needs. No project is too small or too large.


Peter Walmsley farms near Harrogate. He is part of a family mixed farming enterprise and Peter looks after the Pigs at his farm.

He keeps 220 sows in straw yards and he likes his sows in groups of 20 all dump fed.
His farrowing is mainly slatted, some containerised and some older buildings. His Finishers are housed in four rooms in a Fan Ventilated Finisher building. He markets 60 pigs every week to James Law in Lancashire and the remaining 40 or so go to Tulip via Scotlean.

Peter found that suddenly he had a gap in supply as the pigs in the old accommodation were not growing quickly enough. So he took the bull by the horns and built another room onto the end.

This new extension has been built by Pyramid Master Buildings Ltd of Malton and Peter says they have made an excellent job. It is quite an interesting set up as the extension had to be skilfully built into the hill side. It provides six pen extension holding 200 pigs with plenty of space for slurry underneath.

Peter Walmsley


Andrew Brunton farms near Guisborough, North Yorkshire. He owns a 580 sow herd which is maintained by a criss-cross programme using PIC semen on one farm; with his weaners on a separate site and the Finishers on yet another. All three sites are about ½ mile from each other.

Two years ago Pyramid Master Buildings Ltd designed and erected an ACNV Monovent Finisher unit with four rooms each for 220 pigs. The buildings was 9.67 metres wide x 67.7 metres long.

This year, 2013, Andrew was so pleased with our first building that he ordered another Building. This building will have 16 sets of 220 pig places. Sprinklers have been installed in the Finisher Houses and these are a boon in hot weather for cooling the pigs they also make it easier to wash out the building.

Andrew is delighted with his new pig accommodation and how it is working.

Andrew Brunton