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ACNV Monovent

Is a system of naturally ventilated, welfare friendly farrowing to finisher accommodation featuring simplicity, flexibility and a high comfort environment.

The traditional design has versions to house growing pigs at all stages – from weaning to finishing (7-120kg). It uses fully slatted floors (option part slatted) and is assembled onto a prepared concrete base.

Farrowing units provide a simple but effective side creep layout assembled onto a prepared base. Units are superbly insulated , have automatic ventilation control and natural daylight.

This unique ventilation is the key to success in all weather conditions. The combination of monopitch shape, single row of pens, large rotating shutters and restricted room size result in better ventilation and temperature control.

This environment aims to provide ideal conditions for fast efficient growth in an exceptionally high degree of stress-free comfort.

Farrowing & Nurseries

Nurseries aim to provide the best conditions to overcome weaning stress and quickly build up rapid growth. Comfort at weaning and the absolute minimum stress means pigs settle quickly. Pens take groups of pigs, from weaning to 25kg, with rooms sized to suit weaning batches. Each pen provides a heated, enclosed lying area with temperature carefully controlled to give Ideal sleeping conditions. Rooms are kept cool, around 20 degrees centigrade, to encourage activity and appetite. Everything seeks to encourage fast growth – starter feed trays, wheel feeders, stainless steel manifold/bowl drinkers. Monovent can provide cost effective, isolated nursery units.


Potentially the most productive growth stage! Follow on from nurseries taking pigs to around 45kg . Alternative pen and room sizes are matched to production batches and allow all-in all- out operation. Nurseries and grower rooms may be combined. Big pen layouts available.


Healthy pigs are essential for top finisher performance. The unique design seeks to improve natural health. With Monovent's environment control, the very best in growth and food conversion can be achieved. Units can be designed to suit large or small groups. Alternative pen sizes are available


The ACNV Monovent brings together proven technology in a unique combination. It offers a host of outstanding features:

  • Cost effective modular construction to meet immediate requirements and future expansion
  • Wide variety of pen depths & widths to match top group sizes
  • Nursery, Grower, & Finisher options or combine
  • Variable room size aiming to match group sizes
  • Fully insulated, easy to clean walls & roof
  • Automatically controlled natural ventilation & natural daylight
  • Monopitch shape to improve ventilation in very hot & cold weather.
  • Fully slatted floors using alternative quality materials to suit the age of pig
  • Optional feeding/drinking systems for pigs of all ages
  • Tough, non-corrosive materials for durability & low maintenance
  • Very low running costs
  • Easily erected by DIY enthusiasts