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Fan Ventilated

Todays pigs require well ventilated rooms to encourage faster growth and healthier pigs.

The Pyramid Master Buildings can install a fan ventilated system to provide these conditions for Farrowing, Nursery, Grower and Finisher pigs.

We install Scanair ventilation systems or similar to offer a bespoke system specified to suit each unit application. A perfectly functioning ventilation system is vital for realising adequate climate control in pig houses. Scan-Air takes many aspects into account when developing the right product, such as the size of the building, wall thickness and the amount of daylight needed. In addition, the density of animals, direct or indirect ventilation and making the building draught-free, all play an important role in achieving an optimal atmosphere.

Ventilation is automatic 24/7 and can be fitted to new and existing buildings.

Failsafe system is installed as part of all our fan ventilation options.

Farmex Dicam controls offer unit monitoring with Barn report and better score options.

Feed systems can be automatic, and include A-lib dry feeding, ad-lib wet feeding, or restrict wet feeding in a long trough.

Internally the building is lined with high spec polypropylene easy clean panels.

Externally we can offer a range of cladding materials in various colours to suit you requirements.

As with all Pyramid buildings we offer a total package including free design service, base works and erection, all external and internal components making the project hassle free for our customers.

Timber Truss

Shell construction using

• 80 mm External and internal insulated walls fitted to the Portal framework.
• Exterior cladding - 6mm heavy duty Agristone board
• Interior cladding - 3mm polypropylene easy clean surface.
• Roof - Moduclad composite insulated panels on timber purlins
• Or the roof can be "Big 6" fibre cement sheets complete with insulated ceiling.

All manufactured to a high standard of specification.